The 'Air Missile'



The Air Missile by GO Tech Ag Solutions distributes air flow evenly throughout the bin completely pushing moisture out.

Get even drying from top to bottom and eliminate the need to turn your grain with complete drying in one bin.

The Air Missile is a cost effective method of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, maintaining grain quality and increasing the storage life of your grain.

  • Easy to Install

    Our experts will help you through the process

  • Reduce Drying Time

    Evenly distributes air flow throughout the bin

  • Maintain Grain Quaility

    With even grain drying, you will maintain grain quality

  • Increase Storage Time

    Dryer grain means longer storage ability


Secure Cable Ties

Drying Mast


For Best results, this item works best with the Thunder Dryer

Used by Farmers - Proven by Farmers - Qualified by Farmers

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