Bin-Sense® Live

BIN-SENSE Live® reports moisture and hot spots before they become a problem. You get real-time data that you can access remotely from any location. You can customize your settings so you’ll get a notification on your phone if the spoilage risk is high.

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  • No power requirement

    Solar & Battery Powered

  • Control fans remotely

    All adjustments made easily from the app

  • Compatible

    Easily connects to most existing cables

  • Sensing

    Sensors temperature and/or moisture

  • Hourly Readings

    Custom alerts by text and/ or email

  • Grain level indicator

    by yard, bin and grain type


Bin-Sense® Direct

Instantly transform your smart phone or tablet into a handheld monitor.

How does it work? BIN-SENSE® Direct is an on-site handheld grain monitoring reader. Simply plug the reader into your bin cables and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you a touch screen view of your stored grain. The reading arrives on the app, not on the reader. 

You have to be present at your bins to take a BIN-SENSE® Direct reading, but with this economical way to monitor your grain, you’ll be rewarded for your effort.

  • No power requirement
  • Compatible with most existing installed cables
  • Temperature and/or moisture sensing
  • Share data across multiple devices
  • Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) compatible
  • Upgradeable to BIN-SENSE® LIVE at any time

Bin-Sense® Monitoring Cables

Monitoring your grain, so you don’t have to.

How do they work? BIN-SENSE® Monitoring Cables sense both the temperature and moisture of the stored grain and report it via the BIN-SENSE® app or website.

  • Designed for a variety of storage containers including flat bottom, hopper bottom, and elevators

  • Innovative swivel head design

  • Centering flange for easy, accurate alignment

  • Available in standard, premium and industrial strength

  • Roof bracket options available for additional support


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