Fuel Lock ®


Fuel Monitoring on Your Level

An automatic fuel monitoring system so you know what’s going on in your tank.

Monitor your fuel anytime, anywhere.

Fuel Lock® locks your fuel and allows you to view usage right from the palm of your hand. You’ll know every time your fuel is accessed, and by whom – in real time. Feel confident knowing your fuel tank is secure from anywhere in the world.

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New Online Dashboard

Introducing the new online dashboard for desktop and tablet with customizable reports and insights.

  • Fuel protection with a PIN

  • Includes: Fuel Lock® device

  • Connection to new or existing pumps

  • Single user PIN entry

  • Automatic locking timer

  • Operates 120/240V pumps

  • Max 30 amps

  • Weatherproof enclosure

  • Upgrade to Fuel Lock® Business at any time

  • Fuel monitoring in the palm of your hand

  • Includes: Fuel Lock® device, Fuel Lock® mobile app

  • Connection to new or existing pumps

  • Multiple user capability

  • Equipment ID tracking

  • Odometer tracking

  • Automatic locking timer

  • Fuel fill limits

  • Operates 120/240V pumps

  • Max 30 amps

  • Weatherproof enclosure

  • Ability to control two types of fuel

  • Free download of Fuel Lock® app

  • Custom text and email alerts

  • Payment receipts to your email

  • Daily, weekly or monthly PIN usage reports

  • Lockout parameters

  • Enclosure tamper alert

  • Ability to read litre or gallon amount per employee fill, flow meter compatible

  • Pulsers not included

  • Annual data fees apply upon account activation

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