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Soil Analysis • Soil Health

Soils are sampled to determine physical conditions, fertility (nutrient) status, and chemical properties that affect their suitability as plant growing media. Through a combination of field and greenhouse research, analytical methods have been developed which provide quantitative estimates of plant-available nutrients

Soil Nutrient Testing

Regular soil nutrient sampling and analysis is a central part of nutrient management planning and monitoring. Soil sampling can inform the right rate of nutrients for optimal growth and yield and provide a check on the efficiency of nutrient use.

There are several steps involved in getting an accurate sample and turning it into a useful fertility recommendation.

How and when a soil sample is collected matters.  What you can interpret from the results will depend on the way a sample is collected.  Generally, pre-plant, post harvest, or trouble shooting are the main sampling strategies to consider.


SAP Analysis • Plant Health

Plant sap analysis shows plant mineral levels and highlights nutritional deficiencies and excesses before they cause any damage.

Sap analysis provides the opportunity to determine, then apply the precise amount of a needed nutrient before a deficiency manifests as a disease or weakness. With plant sap analysis, you can proactively solve problems and achieve higher levels of quality and yield in your crop.

Monitoring the nutrients in plant sap provides some in-depth, practical insights into the factors which influence nutrient mobility at different stages of growth while providing the grower with information to empower data-driven management decisions.



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