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Why actagro®

The Actagro Difference

Truly successful farming is as much about what goes on below ground as what goes on above. Actagro delivers technology-driven solutions designed to maximize crop performance above the surface by enhancing soil health and minimizing nutrient losses below.

Modern farming practices have elevated crop yields to previously unprecedented heights, and growers are closing in on being able to feed an expanding global population. But to go even further, attention needs to turn to the beneath-the-surface challenges holding back farms’ full potential.

Across a broad range of soil types, soils treated with Actagro Organic Acids are highly value' for their ability to produce high crop yields through improved soil ecosystems through nutrient use efficiency. Unlike simple humic substances, the proprietary technology in Actagro products have been optimized for agronomic performance.  All Actagro Technology contains a patent 4 part system built with Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and maximizing access to the least soluble yet most beneficial component of organic matter (Humin) as well as to proprietary carbohydrate packages. All Actagro products have been registered with the CFIA (Canadian Fertilizer Act), so confidence is built into each liter. This is what sets Actagro apart from any other product in the market today.

Proven Soil Health Improvement


Actagro Liquid Humus® enhances native soil microbial activity and improves CEC and water holding capacity to improve the soil health and function for your crop. This in turn brings plant and root stimulation effects to grow more roots, finer root hairs, increases root exudates, and improves mineralization of carbon and nutrients in the root zone. These positive effects of Actagro Liquid Humus® have been proven by replicated science and in field results for over 35 years.


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